HP Enterprise to Expand Cloud Services

There haven’t been much news about Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. (NYSE: HPE) since the corporation has split during the previous year. Yet, the technology company is back as HP Enterprise bets on its machine-learning cloud service. The technology solutions provider is currently planning to expand its cloud services with Haven OnDemand.

Haven OnDemand is an Application Programming Interface platform of the company which went up for sale in the prior week. The API platform that runs on systems that are operated by the Azure cloud computing division of Microsoft. This enables the users to experience techniques, such as machine learning without developing the technology or maintaining a data center.

One of the application’s main features is to aid companies in terms of conducting analysis of data on social media, such as photos, audio clips, as well as comments. The mentioned service is now free to create software prototypes, however, if the user has a greater computing resources usage, he will be required to give a payment of $10 every month.

Other major corporations, such as IBM and Microsoft have already arrived with this kind of services in order to obtain the support of software developers. These software developers play a significant role when it comes to defining the capabilities of the services and products utilized by companies and end users. According to HP Enterprise Senior VP Colin Mahony, “Developers are everything. It is stunning how impactful they are.”

The VP for Marketing Mr. Jeff Veis stated that the firm chose to make it free for all in order for these users to try the service out and provide feedback for improvements, rather than trying it on chosen private customers. The VP for Marketing also stated that the firm has approximately 12,750 registered developers.

Machine learning involves programming, which allows computers to make deductions. For example, rather than describing the features of a face, the programmer may display certain pictures of an individual and then the machine will manage to arrive with its own criteria to detect absence or presence.

The former Hewlett Packard Co. has released Haven during the later part of 2014. Initially, it was anticipated to run on the corporation’s own Helion Public Cloud, but the company stated in the month of October that it will discontinue the service. After that month, HP has announced that it will team up will Microsoft Azure.

One of the first customers of Haven was Blink, which is a startup that is behind the speed dating mobile application. The mentioned application offers 2-minute video chats. The firms used to transfer still image of every user to Haven and if the service finds that the participant is not there, it will interrupt the video conversation automatically. According to HP Enterprise, its service has more than 60 of these commands, which invoke specific computing functions. These commands involve the ability to recognize barcodes, transform speech into text from audio and video files, as well as conduct analysis on the negative or positive sentiments in a certain text.

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